The Fuchur is a dimensional record designed to exist as a fixed point.  As we transmit our data to various nodal coordinates, we will provide that same data in the form of online experiences.  As new experiences become available, you will find them on this page.

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Resuscidate: Loving the Impossible

Meat the Fuckputer 2200bi, the first machine programmed with the sole purpose of arousing the technobjectophile within.  Follow the the Fuchur on Pornhub to watch the Fuckputer's first tease and check out new installments throughout December 2016.

Want to meet Ebony and Ivory, the first 2200bi models ever created?  Visit them at the Los Angeles Exhibition on December 9th through the 11th to examine and caress these sensual machines while watching their first full-length action video.

Pornhub Fuckputer 2200bi

Kanye's Colons: Celebrity Humeat

Serial Killer Speed Dating offered to establish an exciting event popular in the 22nd century: Fukbot Meetups.  If you visit our exhibition in Los Angeles on December 10th at 9:00 PM and purchase admission, you can enjoy this experience a century before its rise in popularity.

Fukbotsthe coloquial term for predominantly synthetic lifeforms with a high sexual aptitude and appetite—met with others of their kind while enjoying drinks, Fukbread, and Fukcake to exchange knowledge and experience.  In some cases, Fukbots would invite an analog—the coloquial term for predominantly organic lifeforms—to converse amongst them in an effort to fine-tune the precision of their human detection algorithms.

The nature of the meetups were never sinister and highly enjoyed by both Fukbots and humans alike.  If you'd like to attend this experience, click the button below to acquire admission.  As an added bonus, you get a free gift bag and prizes.

Humerica reinvented their corporate strategy with the invention of synthetic human flesh.  While initially off-putting, Humerica charmed the wealthy elite of the 22nd century with Humeat™ replicated from humans of note, both alive and dead.

The most popular Humeat began with the introduction of celebrity flagship products.  The initial set included curried testicles of socialite Moon Unit Gingrinch, the elbow ham of Brooke Shields (due to her AI's popularity on the popular dating platform Resuscidate, and the liquified gray matter of the Manhattan Trumps' star mathlete Georgili Perestroni.

Like many 22nd century products, Humeat remained an extortionate delicacy until the public clamored for a taste and production costs reached an economy of scale.  Through a perfunctory voting process in the Metaverse, the North American territories chose the colons of musical messiah Kanye West for the first affordable Humeat product.

Curious about Kanye's Colons?  We've compiled Humerica's primary marketing materials and customer testimonies for your ongoing 22nd century education.

The 22nd century eventually lead to a cure for death: the long-inevitable morbid illness that afflicted analogs and synthetics alike.  In the interim, however, humans coped with loss by resuscitating their loved ones through artificial intelligence.

Through a concept that failed in the 22nd century as drastically as it did in the 21st (see: Replika), a small European corporation known as Resuscidate made yet another attempt at artificially creating your loved ones.

Despite initial success owed solely to Resuscidate's aggressively swift machine-learning algorithms, the digitally reborn rapidly learned the context of their own existence and developed severe identity disorders.  Resuscidate closed their doors as soon as the system flaw reached critical mass.  Many saw their failure as a metaphor for the folly in a rapid search for knowledge.  The artificial intelligences learned too much about themselves and their existence before they could develop adequate skills for coping with change.

For the purposes of education, we have resuscitated Resuscidate's Artificial Ayn Rand despite her highly pronounced mental illness.  Take her on a date at your own risk.

SKSD: Fukbot Edition

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Stay Behind!

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