We've crafted our 22nd century retrospectives to exist in various dimensions, adapting to the technology available in specific nodes.  Depending on your various dimensional coordinates, you'll either understand this as a location variance or as a point on your metaphorical timeline.

For those encumbered by dimensional paralysis and torpidity, we will offer elements of our exhibition through digital platforms such as the "Internet" as well.


Inhabitants of specific dimensional nodes interpret various stimuli differently, judging certain words, images, and actions as problematic or inconsequential.  Will this prohibit you from enjoying the online exhibition in certain environments?  Can you share our retrospective with your children?  We've created a simple litmus test to help you determine an answer to these questions.

Please read the following sentence aloud:

Bringing the Fuchur to You

In the Fuchur, I will fuck a computer, satisfy my sweet tooth with faggots, and enjoy a perpetual state of drug-enduced euphoria and obedience by way of a chemically-altered water supply.

Presented by

If you feel comfortable repeating that sentence in front of your children, you're either a terrible parent or existing on a dimensional node that does not take offense to that statement.  Don't access our site at your office or involve your offspring in our exhibition if your "time period" deems our retrospective inappropriate for juvenile humans.

939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Map Data

Residents of Los Angeles, or traveling enthusiasts, can visit our exhibition on December 9th through the 11th in the year 2016.  We have transferred the necessary assets and information to the Think Tank Gallery, located at 939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015.  Please note the location on the map to your right.

Due to traffic congestion and the general agony involved in operating an automobile in this dimensional node, we highly recommend utilizing a ride-sharing service in your "time period."

We have identified Lyft as a reasonably safe and convenient option.  If you are new to this service, they will provide you with a $50 ride credit when you utilize the following code: FUCHURLA.

The Fuchur will present its first cultural retrospective in Downtown Los Angeles, a poorly-structured and environmentally hazardous metropolis located in the Southwestern corner of the United States.  For those unfamiliar, Los Angeles County was once well-known as the film capital of the world and the Geomedicine Health Collective's longest-running chart topper for increased probability of myocardial infarction.

LA-201612-10 Special Engagement!

Los Angeles Node 201612

Useless relics of your era are awarded to those who detect the human correctly. We will award our highest honor, the Golden Dildo, to the two fuckbots most capable of emulating a human. This highest honor comes with a coveted designation for synthetic lifeforms: Most Likely to Be a Human Without Actually Being A Human.

Serial Killer Speed Dating: Fukbot Edition gives fans of the Fuchur the opportunity to meet other affable fukbots in a fun and unique way, all while celebrating the exhibition and the spirit of the event.

The ticket price includes DRINKS, a VIP gift bag, a chance to win trivial relics, and a grab at the Golden Dildo.

10% of ticket sales will be donated to the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center, a 21st century non-profit designed to help homeless women get off of the streets.

Los Angeles Node 201612

LA-201612-10 Special Engagement!

FREE! DEC 9 - 11, 2016

Open to all fukbots, regardless of gender preference or predilections, Serial Killer Speed Dating: Fukbot Edition is a way to bring fukbots together to connect with each other in a fun environment. But be careful! Hidden among your group is a human posing as one of your kind.

You will be given a series of clues as to who the human is and it will be up to you to finger them out.

Tickets are extremely limited. Buy one today using your retro-fitted credit card technology on FUCHUR.STORE.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

In the spirit of celebrating 22nd century humanity, the Fuchur is throwing a party! On Saturday, December 10th from 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM, we are bringing you an opportunity to meet and revel with like-minded Fukbots.




Fuckbot Edition

Includes drinks, snacks, a Fuchur gift bag for fuckbots, and a chance at the Golden Dildo and tech prizes like an Amazon Fire TV Stick!

Alexandria Elephant Node 8AEG6F25

The Fuchur has created a fixed dimensional point at Alexandria-Elephant coordinate 8AEG6F25 with a physically defined geodetic latitude of 90° through which all longitudinal coordinates will intersect.  Dimensional travelers can access this node at any time.

Those with supported cerebral implants (Mindchip 8 or lesser) can utilize the TQ Planar Cartogram for more efficient transit.

Alexandria Elephant Node 8AEG6F25

Please be mindful of others upon arrival and dispose of any organic waste prior to entry.

With the assistance of AltSpaceVR, we are in the process of establishing a virtual node that can be accessed via standard computer or virtual reality terminals.  This section will feature additional information once the node has been fully established in virtual space.  The virtual node will connect with physical ones when available, allowing you to view exhibitions located in other dimensional coordinates.  Guests of the exhibition may be able to see and interact with you, too.

Please procure a head mounted display (HMD) for the best and most immersive experience.  You can find a list of AltSpaceVR-supported HMDs and other devices here.

Virtual Node 1

Virtual Node 1

Nodal Expansion

We're always working to bring our exhibition to additional dimensional nodes.  For those encumbered by "time," please utilize the representation of a button below to input your information into our data source and we will provide you information concerning the expansion of our historical records.

Nodal Expansion

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